Zdzisław Beksiński - Untitled
this could be us but u playin

Model : Megumi Akasaka 

Tour our cosmic neighborhood without such pesky requirements as spaceship, high-tech life support systems, warp drive, or putting on pants: 100,000 Stars from Google Chrome Workshop

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Son… put me in the middle of this…

William Etty, Hero, Having Thrown herself from the Tower at the Sight of Leander Drowned, Dies on his Body (detail), 1829

Jurgi Persoon’s MA collection in 1992 was notoriously provocative, full of fetishwear references: fur, rubber, leather and studs. Only ten years after Dries Van Noten and his classmates had fought for a ‘proper’ show, Persoons’ spectacle featured models willing to walk topless for a graduation show. On the first night, they appeared on the catwalk accompanied by large, aggressive dogs, but the dogs were dropped in subsequent shows because they were afraid to walk out on to the catwalk. This was the last time live animals were allowed on a catwalk.
Fourth year collection by Jurgi Persoons, 1992

Fashion! Antwerp! Academy!: 50 years of Fashion Academy, Lannoo Publishers

Andreas Friedrich, Emblemata Nova, 1617

Detail of the veiled angel of death,from Honor Roll Monument in Prospect Park,Augustus Lukeman.